Corporate Team Building


At A Room With A Clue, teams can learn a variety of critical skills to improve team performance:


• Organization

• Goal Orientation

• Problem Solving

• Communication

• Leadership

• Building a Fun Workplace


We're an outstanding choice for corporate events, team building activities, leadership training, and retreats.  Our experienced event planner can tailor an event package to your company’s unique needs.  Additional services can be negotiated per client request, such as:


  • Rent the full facility for as long as you like

  • Compete amongst yourselves for the best time and win A Room With A Clue prizes

  • Walk through the puzzles with one of our moderators after the game and discover where you did well, and how you can apply the lessons to real world work

  • Make it a day (or an evening) by walking to any of our neighboring restaurants/bars in Deep Ellum to discuss your escape experience.



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