At the final dress rehearsal for a Shakespearean play, an actor has disappeared without a trace.  But as they say, the show must go on. Explore The Theater, decipher clues to the actor's whereabouts, and save the show to escape.

2 to 8 players






A creaky door reveals a room deep inside a condemned house.  A criminal hides here, with only his... friends... to keep him company.  Will his heart's true desire help him leave behind his horrific past?  Explore The Doll House, piece together clues, and solve the mystery to escape.

This room is designed

for fright fans.

2 to 6 players





Welcome aboard a turn of the 20th century ocean liner.  The captain's daughter has mastered navigating by the stars, but her story remains clouded in mystery.  Explore The Ship, unravel the clues, and sail safely to your destination to escape.

2 - 8 players 






Climb up to the treetop getaway of a precocious 4th grader.  At first glance, this secret hideaway is all fun and games, but solving its puzzles will take more than just child's play.  Explore The Treehouse, work out the clues, and resolve the kid's big conundrum to escape.

2 - 6 players


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